Experience And Compassion

Compassionate Guidance For Positive Solutions

Attorney Casey L. Cochran understands that family is the most important thing in the world. At her firm, the Law Office of Casey L. Cochran, LLC, she has focused her practice on the area of family law for more than a decade.

She understands what you’re going through – both in terms of the processes you are up against as well as the heightened emotions you are experiencing. More complexity is not what you need, which is why she tries to find straightforward solutions to complex challenges.

As your attorney, she works to guide you toward amicable and positive resolutions wherever and whenever possible.

No matter where you live in northeastern Massachusetts, she can be there to help guide you through negotiations and litigation. She offers compassion and empathy when you need it most when you are dealing with issues like:

  • Divorce (contested and uncontested)
  • Marital asset and debt division
  • Alimony
  • Child custody and parenting time establishment and disputes
  • Child support enforcement and modification
  • Protection orders for domestic violence victims
  • Post-judgment modifications
  • Simple wills

Legal procedures and regulations are very technical and choosing the wrong language or missing a deadline can cost you your case. Attorney Cochran is meticulous and carefully prepares all documents and motions to address your legal concerns while ensuring the technical correctness and accuracy of the work.

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Simple Wills

She can also help with the drafting of simple wills. A will is a helpful legal document that provides instruction for the distribution of your property and can serve other needs as well, such as naming a guardian for your children. After speaking with you about your needs, Attorney Cochran will put together a document to achieve those goals.

Settlements Backed By Litigation Experience

Although family law problems can sometimes be contentious, Ms. Cochran’s priority will always be to achieve a favorable settlement whenever possible.

If the other party refuses to compromise or a trial is simply the best method for securing the results you need, she has the experience necessary. She has litigated dozens of cases in Massachusetts and is known for being an effective advocate at trial.

She prepares every matter for trial. Her thorough preparation for litigation can often lead to settlement, which saves time, expense and stress.

Discuss How To Achieve The Solutions You Need

Attorney Cochran provides experienced and compassionate legal service. You can call her Danvers office at 978-767-2166 or send her an email to get in touch.